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Here is an interesting e-mail that I just received today 3/14/01:

"You maybe interested to learn about a new organisation that is being formed called

the Synchronity Time Travel Police (S.T.P)

this is NOT a hoax and I would like you to read this message as it could be important for the future of mankind, Time Travel is one of mans biggest dreams and  could soon be a reality, so if this is the case what can we do about policing it to prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands? we have decided to do something about this NOW to help ensure that the future of Time Travel remains secure, we have included a message we sent to various Web Sites owned by organisations involved in researching Time Travel and it states a law we intend to impose and present to the UK Government to create a safety net just in case Time Travel does become a reality, this is a serious issue and we assure you we are not fooling around and wasting your time as we strongly believe that it is Gods will that we will discover a way of Travelling through time, the message was as follows:

You are receiving this E-Mail from the Synchronity Time Police (UK Division) it is a general announcement bringing you News of a New Organisation against Time Travel Crime, our Web Site is still under construction and we are aware that we are the VERY FIRST Synchronized Community fighting Time Travel Crime, but how can we do this if Time Travel is not yet possible? we can't actually arrest any Time Criminals because there aren't any yet but we have set up this service because we think that people should do something NOW to prevent Time Travel ending up in the wrong hands and we don't want it to end up like the internet which is very hard to control and police because it is not owned by one single individual, we would like Time Travel to be owned by everyone but this could be dangerous so we aim to prevent it becoming public domain, although there is no stopping anyone experimenting and possibly achieving Time Travel we have decided to set a law against anyone attempting to change the past or future without due cause, "this law is not bound by any current international treaties or laws but is merely a guideline for future Time Travel Reference" we hereby state that anyone breaking this law will be reported to the appropriate authorities, this law states the following:

It is not permitted for any individual to attempt Time Travel without first fully researching the dangers to themselves and the rest of the population on the planet and if such an event should take place any participants should immediately announce this to the government to enable them to set up a control system, we volunteer to aid the government in such a case without quarrel and are willing to do anything in our power to prevent any type of paradox by means of reporting such an event if we get wind of it to the CIA, FBI and civilian Police, we are given the Human right to do this and will excercise this rite where necessary, it is important that you take note of this law and educate anyone else about it who is involved in Time Travel research and technology and also support this law, this law is NOT yet 100% concrete but could be in the near future although WE will abide by this ourselves and ask that others follow suit to preserve the future of mankind, this law may be subject to change as will ALL of our laws without notice, (c)2001 Synchronity.

Please consider linking to our website and help us in our efforts to fight Time Travel Crime,

thank you.

Director: Stevie J.  ----

The very first Synchronized Community fighting Time Travel Crime.

If you or anyone else has any suggestions for Time Travel laws or ideas on how to prevent

Time Travel Crime please send us your feedback for inclusion on our Web Site, thank you and happy Time Travelling!.

Regards, Stevie J. (S.T.P UK).

That message was sent 13-03-01 (UK Date time) and will be forwarded to many other individuals involved in this matter, we think you are doing a great job and ask for you to consider including a reference to this law and our organisation somewhere on your Site or even somewhere offline as this would help us to expand and develop our organisation, as we stated above we are very serious about this and will do everything in our power to make these laws concrete, please keep up the good work and forgive us for any time we have wasted, thank you.

regards Stevie.J. (S.T.P UK)"

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